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All major regions statewide: Scenic landscapes, natural areas, parks, preserves & wildlife refuges, native plants & wildlife, geology, weather, rivers, lakes, aerials, outdoor recreation, land uses Urban & rural settings statewide: historic landmarks & architecture (Spanish Colonial to modern), aerials, pre-historic sites, archeology & rock art, museums & artifacts, travel destinations, public events Modern & traditional ways of life: Cowboys, farmers, oil workers, fishermen, wind- millers, tradespeople, professionals, folklife re-enactors, ethnic cultures: Native American, Hispanic, European, African-American Florida Keys to Yucatan: Diverse cultures, settings & life ways of US & Mexico, coastal cities, villages, historic & prehistoric sites, landscapes/ seascapes, aerials, flora & fauna Rio Grande Corridor of Texas & Mexican border states: Rural & urban life, historical landmarks, scenics, aerials, architecture, archeological sites
Bob Parvin Photography Bob Parvin Photography Bob Parvin Photography Bob Parvin Photography
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